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5 Best FREE WordPress Hosting for YOU in 2020

Want to start your WordPress blogging journey? Stuck due to a limited budget? Here are the top 5 FREE WordPress hosting providers that can help you get started!

We are assuming that you already know what WordPress is and why it is so preferred worldwide.

In case you’re unsure, here is a brief introduction to WordPress and why you should use it.

WordPress is an open source software system used by millions of people around the world. The beauty of WordPress lies in the fact that it is customizable.

With the use of themes and plugins, WordPress allows you to personalise almost every aspect of your blog or website.

WordPress is fully optimised for search engines. It is an open secret that Google loves WordPress!

Sites built on this platform tend to rank higher in Google. In case you’re curious about the newest ways to better position your website in search results, read this detailed post on how to rank better in Google in 2020.

Not only this, there is such a large community of WordPress lovers across the world. If you face any issue with this amazing blogging platform, chances are, someone else already has a solution for it.

Nearly every hosting provider is offering a special plan for WordPress these days.

Why use Free WordPress Hosting

Well, the blunt answer is that it’s Free 😄

Before you sign up for a free wordpress host, you need to ask yourself the following questions :

  1. Do I need a website?
  2. Is WordPress suitable for me?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then do atleast any one of the situations mentioned below below apply to you?

  • You are a student having limited funds to spare but you love the concept of blogging.
  • You are a startup waiting to begin your online journey with minimum or no investment.
  • You are in the process of building a website and need a test environment to iron out the kinks before the actual launch
  • You want to learn search engine. optimization by practicing on a test website without any investment.

If any of these situations are applicable, you are definitely going to benefit by opting for a free WordPress hosting provider.

Our process of selecting the top free WordPress hosts

Before we list out the best no cost WordPress host for your new blog or start-up, you need to know why the ones mentioned below are on this list.

  1. Since these are free hosts, you need to understand that they are not meant for websites expecting large traffic or advanced features. We have kept that in mind.
  2. The free WordPress hosting providers have been selected on the basis of their ability to provide value to the segment of our readers who are beginners.
  3. Some hosts may place ads on your website to generate revenue. The ones that don’t, have been tagged accordingly to help you make your choice.

What you should remember: Free hosting will always be limited in some way or the other. But, it will be sufficient for the situations mentioned above.

So, lets dig in!

Included Free WordPress Hosts – Short Summary

Free Hosting NameSalient Features
WordPress.comFree Subdomain. Limited WordPress Features.
No Self Hosted WordPress
AwardSpacePHP + MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, No Ads.
x10HostingSSD Servers, PHP, MySQL. CPanel Included.
GoogieHostUnlimited Bandwidth, FTP access, SSD Storage, No Ads.
Accuweb HostingSSD Servers, DDoS Protection, PHP + MySQL, No Ads.

Free WordPress.com Hosting

Free WordPress.com Hosting

WordPress.com is one of the best free WordPress hosting platforms that you will get. All server-side management is taken care of by the people at WordPress.com while you concentrate on creating content. Therefore, if you are a hobby writer, this the right place to start.

Pros & Cons

SEO Optimized.
Responsive themes by default – your site will look perfect on any device that is used to access it.
Hundreds of themes to choose from – Simply choose a theme and start your blogging journey. NO Coding skills required.
Mobile app available – Download WordPress app from your app store and blog on the go. Especially great for travel bloggers. This app supports offline blogging too – blog on your phone and save. It connects to your host automatically when you have an internet connection and saves a copy online.
Good customer support.
WordPress is installed by default.
3GB Space is good for a start. You can upgrade to a paid plan if 3GB falls short later.
Ads will be placed on your website. You have no control over what kind of ads are displayed on your website.
Strict terms of service – any violation and your site gets deleted.
Not as flexible as self-hosted WordPress – The full power of WordPress is leveraged when you host it yourself with a hosting provider. WordPress.com hosting is very limited in terms of features.
No custom domain. You get a free subdomain to host your website.

Verdict: Choose wordpress.com if you are a beginner and want a no hassles set up.

AwardSpace.com Free WordPress Hosting

AwardSpace.com Free WordPress Hosting

This free web host comes with a one-click installer for WordPress. Basically, you can get started within 5 minutes of signing up. No technical skills required. They also provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee, even with their free hosting plan.

This is the only free WordPress host that provides a free domain (dx.am extension) along with three more subdomains.

Pros & Cons

Free custom domain with dx.am extension.
Three more subdomains.
Allows free hosting of 4 websites on a single plan.
No advertisements on your website.
99.9% uptime commitment.
One click WordPress installer.
24/7 Customer Support – appliable on free plan also.
PHPMyAdmin access supported
Web Based File manager is a good alternative to FTP.
1GB Diskspace & 5GB Bandwidth might fall short as your site grows.
FTP support not available but the web-based file manager is quite good.
No CPanel – the provided panel is great though.

Verdict: Choose awardspace.com if you want a better performing free WordPress host with a free domain name, for basic needs.

x10Hosting.com Free WordPress Hosting

x10Hosting.com Free WordPress Hosting

Now, this is one host that can give serious competition to many paid hosts. Some of the features offered are only found in high priced paid hosting plans – pure cloud hosting, Unlimited SSD storage, 300 auto-install scripts and so much more!

They have been in business for 10 years.

Pros & Cons

Cloud hosting.
SSD Storage for high performance
Unmetered Storage & Bandwidth
CPanel Included in the free hosting plan also
Auto Install WordPress with One-click
AutoInstall 300 other scripts with one click
Very active support community of 7,50,000 members
24/7 Customer Support – applicable to the free plan also.
PHPMyAdmin access supported for MySQL database management.
FTP support.
No Ads.
No Live Support from Web Host
Resource intensive plugins will slow down your site. Keep your WordPress running with minimum plugins only.

Verdict: Choose x10Hosting.com if you want a free host with premium features.

GoogieHost Free WordPress Hosting

GoogieHost Free WordPress Hosting

GoogieHost has been in business for 9 years and counting. This free WordPress host does not display ads on your website and provides you with SSD storage and Free SSL!

Pros & Cons

Free SSD Storage – even in the free plan.
1000MB & Unlimited Bandwidth. CloudFlare CDN supported.
CPanel Included in the free hosting plan also.
Auto Install WordPress with One-click.
Softalicious auto-installer included
SSH access to your site is allowed. PHP 7+ is supported.
24/7 Customer Support – applicable to the free plan also.
Hotlink Protection included in free plan also.
FTP support with 2 FTP accounts
No Ads.
No Live Support from Web Host. It is in the pipeline though.
Resource intensive plugins will slow down your site. Keep your WordPress running with minimum plugins only.
1000MB disk space might fall short as your site grows.

Verdict: Choose GoogieHost if you want a free host with SSL that is sufficient for starters.

AccuWeb Free WordPress Hosting

AccuWeb provides lifetime free web hosting for WordPress as one of their shared hosting plans. All free websites by them would be located in their Canada Servers. They are in the business for more than 17 years!

Pros & Cons

Free SSD Storage – even in the free plan.
2GB Storage Space in the Free Plan
10 MySQL Databases
CPanel is supported
PHP 7+ is supported.
FTP support with 5 FTP accounts
No Ads.
Limited Support. No Chat or Phone Support. Ticket based only.
Resource intensive plugins will slow down your site. Keep your WordPress running with minimum plugins only.
2GB disk space might fall short as your site grows.

Verdict: Choose AccuWeb if you want a free WordPress host with all basic requirements fulfilled.

Wrapping Up

We have not included 000webhost.com deliberately, though it is popular. This is because it is offering a very less disk storage space of 300MB. This is not sufficient even for a student or beginner.

The free WordPress hosts mentioned in this post provide decent enough value for a new blog or website.

All of the above also provide ready to use environment for WordPress with the help of a one click installer. In the case of WordPress.com, the CMS comes preinstalled, though very limited in features.

We have also mentioned why you should opt for every particular free hosting mentioned here.

Did we miss out on any other free web wordpress host that can provide similar value? Do let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to the list!

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