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5 WhatsApp rumours about COVID-19 that are completely FALSE

I am sure you have been following updates about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that is rocking the world as we speak. I’m also pretty sure that just like me, you may have received many updates relating to coronavirus, from your contacts on WhatsApp.

Lets face it. You, me and millions of others across the world have WhatsApp on our smartphones as the primary texting app. From sharing personal messages, images, videos, updates and jokes, WhatsApp has changed the way we interact with our friends and family forever.

But, you must have noticed how fake news has become the bone of contention for all of us.

WhatsApp has become one of the most widely misused channels for spreading fake news and rumours, especially via forwarded messages.

It’s so easy to forward what you receive from one contact to hundreds of other contacts. So many of us have unknowingly forwarded seemingly logical information only to realise later that it wasn’t true or was just a rumour.

Many similar rumours have been doing the rounds lately over WhatsApp. Some may scare you and some may even provide a false sense of security.

Here I list 7 such rumours about COVID-19 going around. If you come across any one of them on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networks, be sure of the fact that they are false.

So, here goes.

Rumour: Drinking Alcohol can Kill Coronavirus Germs and Cure You

Fact: Alcohol consumption only increases health problems especially in case of excessive or very frequent consumption.

This rumour was just started as a prank but spread like wildfire over WhatsApp. It became the perfect excuse for people with alcohol dependence to consume more and more, this time without guilt.

Drinking alcohol will not protect you from COVID-19.

Rumour: Ingesting Disinfectant can cure you of COVID-19

Fact: Disinfectants are only to be used to clean surfaces.

Ingesting them or introducing them into your body in any way is very harmful. They can be poisonous and can cause serious damage to health.

Rumour: The drug Hydroxychloroquine is the magical cure for COVID 19


Hydroxychloroquine is used to treat malaria. It is on trial along with many other drugs for the treatment of COVID-19 but there is no proof of it being effective in curing or preventing the disease.

Not just that, this drug, if misused, can cause serious illnesses, side effects and even loss of life.

As on date, there is no confirmed or licensed medicine or vaccine available to prevent or cure this disease.

Rumour: COVID-19 is caused due to emerging 5G networks

Believe it or not, this rumour caused such a panic in a few countries, that people actually started destroying 5G equipment publicly, thinking it would prevent coronavirus from spreading. 🤦🤦

It’s impossible for any virus to be transmitted through radio waves that emanate from telecom equipment.

The novel coronavirus is so contagious because it spreads like wildfire through respiratory droplets that are formed when an infected individual sneezes, coughs or even speaks. You can also catch the disease if you come into contact with any contaminated surface.

Read my post on the simple practices to adopt to avoid contracting coronavirus for ways to protect yourself.

Rumour: People living in hotter countries will not catch coronavirus

This rumour started during the initial days of the pandemic. It gave a false sense of security to people living in countries such as India, Thailand and the like that they would not contract the deadly novel coronavirus.

By now you must have already read about how many hangout joints in Thailand have been closed due to repeated infections. The popular city of Pattaya, which was once bustling with thousands tourists round the year, has literally come to a standstill with no respite in sight.

In the state of Maharashtra, which is one of the hottest states in India, cases are increasing at an alarming rate every day. In fact, as on date there are more than 10000 individuals who have contracted COVID-19.

It doesn’t matter what weather conditions are there in your country. Novel coronavirus is not region specific.


You need to make it a point to double check content that you read on whatsapp or any other social networking app, especially related to such important issues.

Did you come across any other rumour about the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 disease? Do share it in the comments section below.

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5 WhatsApp rumours about COVID-19 that are completely FALSE

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