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Why your Small Business NEEDS blogging in 2020

Why your Small Business NEEDS blogging in 2020

Still thinking of the benefits that blogging can have on your small business? Wondering why suddenly so many large businesses of your niche are blogging more and more about their products and industry trends? Its because they have already realized the advantages of blogging for their business.

You, on the other hand, are yet to realize how well equipped your small business will be when you adopt the blogging for a business model, for your online activities.

Today, we will explain in detail the benefits of blogging that you, as a small business owner, simply can’t afford to ignore anymore.

While writing this post, we assume that you are a small business owner or someone who is thinking of starting a business of their own.

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Blogging for Business – What is it?

HubSpot has a very short and sweet way of explaining this.

Business blogging is a marketing tactic that uses blogging to get your business more online visibility.

HubSpot Blog

Its 2020. Your most likely customers are already spending a lot of their time online. Today, 80% of millennials make their purchase decision only after they are satisfied after researching online.

You really don’t want to miss out on so many potential customers just waiting to voraciously read and absorb what you have to tell, online.

Blogging helps a small business give valuable content

Blogging allows a small business to come up with content that is focused especially on their target audience, who are also their potential customers.

Blogging helps a small business give valuable content

A blog is a great way to show your target audience that you really care. List in detail their pain points and how you or your products and services are geared up in the best way to address them.

Everyone wants a solution to their problems.

You as a small business are already aware of some of the problems that your potential customers face with regards to your niche, owing to your experience in your relevant industry.

Your products and services are already geared towards providing a solution to those problems of your target audience. After all, if that wasn’t the case, why would you be in business?

Once you start blogging about the various issues your target customers can face and how you are totally geared up to help them with those, you are already half way into their good books.

More targeted content = More customers

Blogging helps your small business earn more trust

Blogging helps your small business earn more trust

Blogging allows you to take your relationship with your target audience to the next level.

One of the best outcomes of blogging for small businesses has been that they don’t have to seem so formal and corporate-y in their approach to dealing with their potential customers anymore.

Blogging in itself is a very informal way of communicating and sharing your ideas and opinions. You can develop your own unique style of talking in your blog that can resonate with your target audience.

This helps you establish a very comfortable rapport with your audience and build trust in you.

More trust = More customers

Blogging helps You learn more about your customers

Blogging isn’t a one-way street. It doesn’t imply that you dole out content, your visitors lap it up and that’s the end of it.

Blogging helps You learn more about your customers

A small business like yours can really up the ante with blogging. Not only can you share your content with your potential customers, but you can also get involved in meaningful discussions with them regarding your niche.

From the comments left by your target audience in your blogs, you can get to know more about what their expectations are and how they’re changing with time.

You can create polls and surveys right within your blogs to get an idea of their requirements.

All this information can help you align your small business with your customers’ expectations and changing requirements, giving you an edge over the competition.

More knowledge of target audience = More customers

Small business blogging helps you become an authority in your field

As more and more subset of people in your target audience start trusting you, it becomes easy for your small business to develop an authority voice in your niche or industry.

Small business blogging helps you become an authority in your field

In simple terms, you become a one stop solution to  issues that your potential customers face. 

Just like running your business, running your blog isn’t going to be a cakewalk. It needs consistent time and effort, especially to build an authority voice in your field.

When you start posting well-researched articles in your blog that can help your audience with their queries, not only do they keep coming back for more of your content, but they also start considering you seriously as their next vendor or service provider.

All this happens at a fraction of the cost that you would have incurred in a more traditional marketing campaign.

More Authority = More Customers

Blogging for Local Small Businesses is a BOON

For a local small business, blogging can be an invaluable tool. 

blogging is a boon for local business

Let us explain this one with a real life example.

Example Case: 

Let us give an example very close to our hearts. 

One of the most reputed modular furniture and modular kitchen manufacturing company, that goes by the name of Unique Wood, was struggling to find orders in the highly price-sensitive market in Kolkata, India, when it started its operations. 

They had everything that was needed – a fully automatic manufacturing unit, dedicated design team and dynamic management running the affairs. 

BUT, their order books were getting dry. Fast. 

Their young management had been pondering over the idea of coming up with a website for some time. As a last resort, they decided to start a WordPress blog in 2010. 

They did not have sufficient cash reserves to even hire a professional web agency. So, they started with free WordPress hosting initially (namely x10Hosting) and then later moved on to a more premium web host.

All they had was pictures of some of their Modular Kitchen work done at their previous sites. 

They started to put up their past work online. Each project was described as a seperate post. Pretty soon, Google indexed its website and since the content was fresh and relevant, their blog started ranking on the first and second pages in search results. 

The result? They were back in business! 

Yes, it was easy to rank in 2010.

The game of ranking in Google has changed a lot since then.

Blogging saved a company on the verge of a total shut down and took it on the path of growth again. They found a novel way to market themselves despite having a serious cash crunch. No looking back since then! 

Why is this example close to our hearts you ask? Its because Unique Wood belongs to the mother of one of the authors of this blog and so we are speaking from first-hand experience 🙂

Starting a blog for your local business = More Customers

Blogging helps your Small Business go up in Google Searches

When you blog, each article or post that you publish becomes a separate page that can be indexed by search engines.

More the number of pages that get included in search engine indexes, more are the chances of you being found by your target audience who may be potential customers.

Blogging helps your Small Business go up in Google Searches

When you start ranking better in searches, you start getting more organic traffic to your website. Basically, this means that new visitors who are a part of your target audience, but don’t know you yet, have a much better chance of discovering you and giving you business.

More Organic Traffic = More Customers

Small Businesses can use Blogging as a great LOW-COST marketing tool

When your small business blog has regularly updated content that is fresh, relevant, and in line with the ongoing trends in your industry, it signals your audience that you are alive and kicking! Basically, they understand your business is here to stay.

Small Businesses can use Blogging as a great LOW-COST marketing tool

Your blog can be used to promote the latest offers and deals that you have come up with for your customers. You can provide online-only deals for your loyal blog readers too!

Your small business can also use its blog as a low-cost lead generation tool. Traditional forms of lead generation would cost you thousands. But generating leads from your own blog is practically free of cost!

Blogging for Small Business = Low-Cost Marketing => More Customers

Blogging helps your Small Business get more validation from Authority Brands or People in related Niches

When you start posting more in-depth research-based content relevant to your niche in your small business blog, there are very likely chances of it being picked up or being linked to by authority brands or figures in your related niches.

Your content is more likely to attract reputable attention when you create content that thoroughly and deeply dives into a topic and integrates perspective from other related resources beyond your own website.

Simple Marketing Now

Once an existing and well-established website links to you, it not only gets you more traffic but also enhances your rank in search results further. You get more exposure, gain more traffic, and consequently get more customers in the long run.

More Validation = More Exposure = More Customers

Wrapping Up

When you invest time and money running a blog for small business, the return on investment is guaranteed.

WordPress is an open-source software. That means you can start a blog for your small business for FREE! Choose one of the free WordPress hosts to start your blog and test out waters.

Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Have something to share? Do comment below. We would love to know what you think of this post.

22 thoughts on “Why your Small Business NEEDS blogging in 2020”

  1. Very informative post and clearly states all the benefits a small business would derive from having a relevant blog. Most people think that the barrier to entry is too high or that the market is saturated for blogging, but if you have valuable content to share that is relevant to your clientele you will organically grow your business through the know-like-trust principle.

  2. Informative content. It is true that blogging is not just a walk in the park. You must give time and effort in creating relevant content. It may be difficult at first, but when you get the hang of it, eventually everything will turn out well. Most importantly, I believe that to truly connect with the readers, you must be passionate in what you do.
    Hope you can visit my site too.thank you!

    1. Thanks Jasmine. I did visit your blog and particularly liked your post about ways of generating passive income. Will definitely put up a post about the same topic too with my own insights on my blog 😊👍🏻

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